Story of our HN launch, the learnings and Open Sourcing Kloudi.
Summarising the last quarter of 2020 and how it led to us release our self-hosted native app for our users
Nitish and I have been writing this newsletter for about 3 months now and we wanted to celebrate this writing streak by giving our readers, new and old…
Talking about diversity practices in making a more inclusive product by virtue of design.
Taking inspiration from Marvel and Thermodynamics, Sneh and I present the v1.0.0 of our entropy model
The attempt here is to pen down my thoughts and experience of building a startup for developers.
This post is dedicated to the Early Access bug, which we at Kloudi seemed to have caught as well.
In this post, we dig deep into why, what and how of modelling Kloudi. The "apple that fell" moment for us to build Kloudi.
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