Yet another, Early Access!

This post is dedicated to the Early Access bug, which we at Kloudi seemed to have caught as well.

To all our early subscribers this is third post of our newsletter. Our previous edition was pretty much a deep dive into how the apple fell on our heads or so to say Our Newton's Metaphor. This week we want to take a step back from things more technical and talk about why Kloudi has Early Access as of now and why we make you fill a 13 question Typeform as part of this program.

Both Nitish and I strongly believe in Building in Public however, the "Early Access" of Kloudi would have raised a few eyebrows in terms of what were we trying to hide behind the orange curtains of Kloudi. Hence we thought why not spend sometime and dedicate a post talking about why do we have an Early Access program.

🧚🏽‍♂️ Once upon a time...

Once upon a time Kloudi began its journey into existence as a small experiment with a select few users. From there it evolved into a full fledged product and company with users that have being queueing up to experience Kloudi. Often the curiosity of our potential users is raked in terms of what we are upto, what is the Early Access Program (EAP) and why do we have it.

The short version is building a no command terminal that has a network of workflows for every developer is a challenging problem and we are still in our early days of building it basis our user's feedback.

The longer version is, Kloudi's Early access program is designed to deliver the best of Kloudi to you as a user. When you sign up and fill a 13 question Typeform we make sure that your preferences in terms of workflows and tools are configured for your use thus giving you the best output. We also understand that many of our users have tool integration requirements that are niche or, are part of certain workflows that fall in their paradigm of operations and that we aren't catering to as yet. To make sure that users with such requirements don't just sign-up and get subjected to unnecessary notification emails from us, we have our Early Access as a guard in place. The program ensures that you are queued and get access only when Kloudi is ready to serve you and help you optimise your time and workflows and get you into that deep work zone. 

🧐 Open Sourcing our Early Access

In the sprit of building in public, here is giving you the exact steps into what happens once a user signs-up for early access:

  • Post your EAP depending on your tooling, workflow and position in the queue we will send you an on-boarding link.

  • We love to personally take our users through the product , hence we will give you the option of setting up a call with us as per your availability. If you wish to go ahead with the on-boarding by yourself we give you that option as well.

  • You will then have access to Kloudi and access to all your tools and actionable data from your tools within your workflows right from Kloudi. For those of you who hate navigating out of your IDE's, we have a surprise, you can now access all your tools through Kloudi right in your IDE (Presently VS Code only).

That’s it. There is no FOMO, no algorithm, no marketing gimmick. Basis Kloudi’s capability, your tools and workflows we open the gates of Kloudi. Hope that this brings back justice to the world of building in public and answers some questions that we have been receiving.

After so many queries we thought we could up ourselves by 1 more in terms of accessibility to Kloudi. Within the next week we plan to give our users access to a quick demo from the website by adding the capacity to book a demo with us, even if you don't have the right combination of tooling that Kloudi supports. For folks who subscribe to our newsletter you don't have to wait for a week you can schedule an online demo here and we are looking forward to show you around Kloudi!

- Nitish and Sneh


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